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Outdoor | changed collocation, a infinite style


With the evolution of the tide

Outdoor paving materials are also available

It integrates more personality, simplicity and fashion elements

Totobeni thick brick rich pattern and color matching

Bring more paving inspiration to the outdoor space


01, White product series

The all-inclusive beige system

Compatible with all colors and elements, elegant without losing charm

Show a warm and soft texture

Add a leisurely artistic conception of beauty to the landscape


光年TW26601MG 600x600/600x1200mm


| 光年TW26601MG 600x600/600x1200mm

Mottled sandstone texture

An off-white tone neutralizes its tough feel

It brings tenderness and sophistication


蕴石TBC21201MM 600x600/600x1200mm



Yun stone (TBC) series

The elegant beige color gives a clean and comfortable look

Use in outdoor garden landscape/garden courtyard

Create a quiet and comfortable space atmosphere

Chic texture in low saturation color more plain natural

2, Beige product line

Among other colors, beige has healing powers

Soft and elegant colors

With the fashionable texture deduce the color of the space effect


罗马TCV26612MG 600x600mm



Artistic inspiration from ancient Roman architecture

The ROMA collection has rich and vivid textures

Warm but not jumping colors

It is like a spring breeze giving full healing power


布鲁塞尔TR21202MG 600x600/600x1200mm

The natural traces of Brussels are dense

Inheriting the magic of nature

A gentle beige

Send out a silent gentle



3, Grey product series

Grey is the ultimate interpretation of fashion and elegance

Implicit sense of high class in the outdoor space

The collision of unique artistic sparks


卡西奥TK21203MG 600x600/600x1200mm


Understated and warm light gray tones

Always can easily highlight the space of fashion tone and avant-garde sense

Both simple atmosphere, but also calm and durable

Different outdoor space styles can be controlled



| 印迹TCT21214MG 600x600/600x1200mm

From light to deep, different gray change

The right benefits of elegance and depth

Do a little bit of shading

Grey paving creates a rich spatial hierarchy


04, Black product series

Black is an enduring classic color in the fashion industry

Mysterious, steady, cold and versatile

Use it wisely in outdoor Spaces

Will be a pure classic


黑冰花TOF26617MM 600x600mm


Natural brushstrokes of ice flowers hanging from trees

Interpret the unique charm of granite

Black ice flower calm elegant temperament

Blend perfectly with the lush outdoors


奥斯汀黑TDJ51217BM 600x1200x15.5mm


Marble Thick Brick - Austin Black (TDJ)

To create a strong visual effect with three-dimensional arc surface

Paired with bronzed metallic art sketches

Fashion and classical collision, interpretation of modern Oriental beauty

Not stuck to a single style

Tortobeni's rich line of thick brick products

Individual and diverse color

Touch the space with different fashion colors

Bring more vitality and new ideas to the outdoors


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